We'll handle your plumbing installation in Boise, ID

We'll handle your plumbing installation in Boise, ID

Get a New Water Line for Your Home

Whether you need to replace your home's water line or install a new sink, you can rely on Coelho Plumbing Service to take care of it for you. Based in Boise, ID, we offer both plumbing replacements and installations to local homeowners.

You need an experienced professional to handle your plumbing installation. Reach out to us for assistance.

Trust us to manage the process for you

There's a lot that goes into installing new features, especially when pipes and plumbing systems are involved. Having an expert there to manage things for you is the best choice.

We offer plumbing installations for a variety of components, including...

  • Sink fixtures
  • Water lines
  • Garbage disposals
  • Toilets

Have an existing feature that isn't working as it should? We can take care of your plumbing replacement for you. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 208-941-4457 today.